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Nexter has been contracted by the Canadian government to supply and logistically support Nerva-LG and Nerva-XX multi-purpose robots. A team of Nexter Robotics and ECA Robotics in France will supply the robots and the Canadian Deltic Group will provide logistical support for the contract, which is endowed with €4 million. The Nerva multi-mission robot systems are robust and waterproof (IP67) and can be thrown over obstacles. They can be controlled from any standard PC, tablet or smartphone and offer semi-autonomous functions to relieve the operator.

The device weighs 4.5 kg and at 15 cm in height is smaller than a DIN A3 sheet. With a maximum speed of 15 km/h, the Nerva can operate for up to two hours. In built-up areas, the distance between operator and device may be 300 m (in clear visibility up to 1,000 m). As standard, an HD camera provides an image with a forward view supplemented by camera images all around. In addition, a number of sensors (e.g. thermal imaging camera, observation tower, NBC reconnaissance) are available.

Gerhard Heiming