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A consortium of Mercury Mission Systems International, Raytheon and Rheinmetall Air Defence announced they will join forces to modernize Swiss air defence. Within this co-operartion the three companies submit a joint bid for modernizing Raytheon’s proven Patriot air defence system in the BodLuv (Bodengestützten Luftverteidigung = ground based air defence) tender for the Air2030 Project.

A Patriot fire unit consists of a radar, command and control system and an intercept system. The solution identifies and neutralizes a whole range of threats that would be capable of carrying out attacks or espionage activities against Switzerland, like enemy aircraft, foreign cruise missiles and enemy drones. In addition to the U.S., seven European countries also rely on Patriot as the cornerstone of their air defence system. Germany, Sweden, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania rely on Patriot.

“By working with two leading Swiss defence contractors, we can offer the Swiss population a solution based on the world-renowned Swiss engineering and production quality that will boost the domestic economy,” said Tom Laliberty, Vice President Integrated Air Defence at Raytheon Integrated Defence System. “With the Patriot solution, Swiss defence companies from all cantons can strengthen their market potential.”

Dorothee Frank