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Arquus introduced the Scarabée reconnaissance vehicle recently. The light, armoured 4×4 vehicle has a hybrid drive, which is driven in “Boost” mode by a thermal and electric motor. Creep speed is possible with purely electric drive. This stealth mode allows a tactical approach without thermal or acoustic signature or long “silent watch” with all systems.

The driver positioned in the centre has a 270-degree view of the terrain. He can adjust the ground clearance for off-road or road travel (or air transport). The steerable rear axle reduces the curve radius and allows sideways movement (crab speed).

Scarabée is air-transportable (C-130, Chinook, A400M) and can be emplaced from the air (compatible with the LTCO12 platform). Thanks to sliding doors, the vehicle can be prepared for use in the aircraft and is ready for use 15 minutes after it has been dropped.

Scarabée features ballistic and mine protection, depending on the deployment profile. The vehicle is designed for combined combat and can carry a variety of systems, such as RCWS, multi-calibre cannons, RGL cameras, MMP (or MILAN) launchers, drone systems, and radar.

Gerhard Heiming