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Raytheon launched NexGenTrac, its first ever secure mobile application to connect with employees using iOS and Android smartphones during an emergency. With this app companies and organisations can not only stay in contact with their employees, but also give them necessary advice how to react, where to go, where the nearest shelter or aid station is and much more. Therefore it is a security tool that might help the users to survive emergencies better. Features of the app include:

Data Security: Gives organizations deploying NexGenTrac complete ownership of user data and access to secured servers within the U.S.

Emergency Alerts: Allows the user to initiate an emergency alert status

Chat: Provides a built-in secure messaging application

MyLocation: Allows users to instantly identify their geographic location

Smart Beaconing: Allows users to conserve power and battery life by updating location information based on movement of the device.

Map Interface: Includes street-level mapping that allows users to visualize their location

Pulse: Provides a pull request for status initiated from the User Portal

“NexGenTrac can help any organization or agency connect with and protect their people in emergency situations,” said John DeSimone, Vice President Cybersecurity and Special Missions at Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services. “Now available for global governments, agencies or companies supporting a variety of missions, this application provides an immediate secure link to employees. Unlike many social media platforms used to provide status updates, NexGenTrac gives you the ability to own and manage your data in a secure environment.”

Dorothee Frank