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The latest self-propelled mortar 2S41 Drok (Genista) was displayed for the first time at the Patriot (near Moscow) park during the ARMY 2019 Forum.

The system total weight is 14 ton. It is based on the Taifun (Typhoon)-VDV K-4386 4X4 vehicle with the KAMAZ-650.10-350hp engine to provide up 100km/h speed on terrain with the range without refueling up to 1,200 km. Drok has a crew of 4.

The system enjoys excellent mobility and could be dropped by parachute from an aircraft.

The vehicle is able to negotiate 30 degrees climb and water obstacles with 1.9 m depth.

Photo: Yury Laskin

The turret (or combat module) employs an 82 mm mortar with 40 mines stock to arrange firing from 100 up to 6,000 m with shooting rate of 12 rounds per minute. Drok’s self defence includes a 7.62 mm machine gun as well as an optical resistance system to cover the vehicle with an aerosol cloud against smart weaponry.

Drok is intended for paratroopers and mountain shooters but could be employed by infantry battalions as well.

Photo: Yury Laskin

It is funny to note that the system nickname comes from the favorite plant of the Medieval English Royal family of Plantagenets.

Yury Laskin