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Under the Norwegian “Large EOD Robots” procurement programme Telerob will deliver several of its tEODor EVO robots. EOD robots support explosive ordnance clearance units in the removal of explosive and incendiary devices or when defusing (terrorist) bombs. They are also used to defend against NBC threats. The EOD robot tEODor EVO, the successor to the proven tEODor, has only recently been launched.

In addition to a multitude of technical advancements, especially in the areas of radio and camera technology, the new operating concept “Robo Command” is at the core of the development. Thanks to the multi-touch screen and the ergonomic design, this represents an improvement in manageability and supports the operator in all tasks, like the clearance of NBC threats or in industrial applications. With its manipulator arm tEODor EVO is able to handle weights of up to 130 kg.

Additional features include a completely revised chassis, a fully integrated IP mesh radio transmission with optional repeaters, the gripper with integrated laser range finder as well as camera and data interfaces, pan/tilt cameras in HD quality and “picture-in-picture” function, accessories and special tools compatible with the predecessor model tEODor, as well as LED lighting and a GPS module.

After passing a number of tests, Telerob has now been awarded a contract for big-class EOD robots from Norway. The contract was signed on June 7, 2019 and delivery is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019. Before the EOD robots are handed over to the armed forces, Telerob will carry out on-site training in Norway for operation and maintenance of the EOD robots.

Dorothee Frank