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The Czech Ministry of Defence has awarded Nexter Systems a contract for 62 TITUS (Tactical Infantry Transport & Utility System). The signature ceremony took place today. TITUS is the latest generation of 6×6 armoured vehicles laid out as support and transport vehicles with a high level of protection, mobility and versatility. The 6×6 chassis of the vehicles is a development of Tatra Trucks from the Czech Republic. A “Homeland Security” kit is available for the variants assigned to police and security forces.

The Czech MoD’s order covers 3 TITUS variants: Command Post (CP), Signaller and Artillery Fire Coordination Post. TITUS specifications are:


Weights and Dimensions

Empty weight: 17t

Operating weight: 23t

Maximum mass: 27t

Width: 2.55m

Height: 2.73m (roof)

Length: 7.77m

Ground clearance: 0.3/0.4/0.5m




– Ballistics: 2

– Mines: 4a/3b

– IED: 50kg


– Ballistics: ENB7, DM51

– Mines: 4a/3b

– FDI: 100kg

Potential for development:

– Ballistics: 2 to 4

– Mines: 4a and 3b up to 4a/4b

– FDI: 50kg up to 150kg



Powertrain: 500HP

Running gear: 1/2 independent axle

Michelin tyres 16.R20; Adjustment system for Syegon tyre pressure

Steering: Steering axle #1 and 3; turning circle: 13m



Range: 700km

Maximum speed: 110km/h

Slope: 60%

Step: 700mm

Tilt angle: 30%

Fording: 1.2m without preparation


Dorothee Frank