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The Finnish armed forces have received the first four Protolab 6×6 MiSu protected multi-purpose vehicles. The Protolab Protected Multi-Purpose Vehicle (PMPV) 6×6 was designed by the company Protolab Oy, which was commissioned by the Finnish Defence Force (FDF) in 2018 to supply the four vehicles.

Protolab’s highly manoeuvrable and agile PMPV has a Euro-3-compliant Cummins 6.7-litre multi-fuel engine and thus meets the criteria for an EC N3G truck. The maximum speed is 110 km/h on the road and 12 km/h in water. The operating range is 900 km. The PMPV weighs around 14 tons and can carry up to ten fully equipped soldiers in addition to the two-man crew. The payload is about ten tons.

With a vehicle length of 7.44 m, a vehicle width of 2.55 m and a vehicle height of 2.70 m, it can also well-suited for urban terrain. To improve manoeuvrability, both the front and rear axles can be steered. Integrated mine protection and customer-specific ballistic protection according to STANAG 4569 are among the design-specific elements. Customer-specific weapon stations can also be integrated.

The amphibious PMPV 6×6 MiSu can be configured for a variety of purposes, for example as a patrol vehicle, crew transporter, supply vehicle, command vehicle or ambulance vehicle. In addition, the Protolab PMPV is one of the first crew carriers of its kind to meet the mobility, protection and communication needs of special forces and paramilitary security forces.

As part of a major modernisation programme aimed at modernising and improving the EFD’s protected fleet, the new vehicles are now being tested by the troops.

Gerhard Heiming