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During the recent ARMY-2019 exhibition Rosoboronexport CEO Alexander Miheev spoke to the Russian Media to disclose some current figures of the national arms export in the first half of the year. The Russia’s sole state mediator enjoys an impressive confirmed portfolio worth of US$52 billion with 68 nations worldwide. The 2018 resulted in US$13.7 billion deliveries while the first 6 months of 2019 have been already marked with over US$6 billion. The air defence systems have become the current export champions to bring the lion’s share of 70%. This situation seems to be continued in the second half as the sensational  S-400 long range ADS deal with Turkey has reached delivery stage in July (by 15th 4 transport aircraft has brought the first portion of the U.S.-hated stuff to Ankara).

Despite the United States sanctions which block direct US$ transfers for the Russian arms trade, Miheev has been optimistic with the final annual result to reach a regular figure of US$13 billion as most of the deals could be settled with other currencies similar to the S-400 Roubles-Liras deal.

Yury Laskin