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Switzerland is digitizing its armed forces with a quite broad approach. Under the project “Telecommunication Armed Forces” (TK A) dated mobile data exchange and voice communication assets, software and methods will be replaced. With TK A Switzerland will replace independently procured and isolated systems with a technically standardised integrated solution. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the twenties.

For Ersa mob Komm, one of the central sub-projects of TK A, Rohde & Schwarz submitted an offer to the Swiss procurement authority armasuisse. The offer consists of Rohde & Schwarz SOVERON software-defined radios for executive radio connections and the associated network-capable waveforms. Included is also RUAG’s tactical router for connecting heterogeneous infrastructures. The software defined radios were also selected by Germany for the VJTF 2023, following intensive field tests by the German Army. So Switzerland could profit from Rohde & Schwarz’ know-how in tactical communication architecture and its implementation in Germany and many other NATO countries. The solution now offered was also rated as very good by Switzerland.

TK A is the third project within the Swiss “FITANIA” programme that aims to combine ICT systems of the armed forces  to form a network and expand this network when needed. TK A is intended to transmit voice and data from the stationary and protected transport network of the armed forces, the Swiss Command Network, via semi-mobile and mobile components to the field. With encrypted data exchange in these mobile areas.

At the same time, the TK A project aims to reduce the diversity of systems and introduce a common telecommunications platform. Where possible and economically viable, existing systems will be adapted and migrated to this new platform. If existing systems no longer meet the current requirements, have reached the end of their technical life or an adjustment is not economical, they will be replaced. Wherever possible, new systems will be integrated directly with the telecommunications platform.

Dorothee Frank