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The Russian Army Corps of Engineers presented at the ARMY-2019 International Forum several new vehicles of various application. One of the highlights was the URAN-9 Unmanned Combat Ground Vehicle (UCGV) which entered the Russian Army official service in January this year. The machine is a robot employing the specially designed tracked chassis. The power unit is a diesel-electric engine with 300 hp and electric transmission. The range of control is up to 3 km.

The vehicle is equipped with a 30mm  2A72 automatic gun, a 7.62mm PKTM machine-gun, 4 guided missiles of Ataka 9M 120-1 PTUR type. Plus 6 (or 12) Shmel-M thermobaric rocket launchers.

The Russian designation of the vehicle is BMRK – Boevoy mobilniy razvedyvatelniy complex – which stands for Combat Mobile Reconnaissance – to fully describe the vehicle determination. The vehicle has been combat tested through the anti-terrorist operation in Syria to improve its characteristics. It came into army service after impressive performance at the large-scale Vostok-2018 military exercises. It has been mentioned that industry is now working to increase the URAN-9’s range, response time and data bandwidth.

Yury Laskin


Photos: Yury Laskin