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The International Aerospace Salon MAKS-2019 will be held at Zhukovskiy, Moscow Region on August 27 to September 1. The show profile allows to display all type of military and commercial aircraft, space technology and air-defence systems attracting a huge number of participants, predominantly Russian. Due to US/EU sanctions Western companies limited their presence to commercial technology.

The Su-57E fighter and the Il-112VE military transport aircraft will be the highlights of the Russian military showcase. The Su-57 has already been presented at previous shows under the name of T-50 PAKFA but this time it will debut as a system combat proven during the anti-terrorist operation in Syria. It is expected that a long awaited official contract between the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and the Russian Ministry of Defense on 76 Su-57 will be inked during the show in presence of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. This step would be a milestone in the programme history, and it would push the international sales of its export version, the Su-57E.

Alexander Mikheev, CEO of Rosoboronexport, national state arms trade mediator, said: “At MAKS-2019, Russian manufacturers will be unveiling the fifth-generation Su-57E multi-role fighter jet and the Il-112VE light military transport aircraft, the hottest and most anticipated new products of recent years. Rosoboronexport is ready, at the request of foreign partners, to present these aircraft and turn a new page in promoting state-of-the-art aircraft systems in the world market. I am sure the interest in them will be great.”

The advanced Su-57E fifth-generation fighter jet designed by the Sukhoi Bureau and manufactured by the Gagarin plant at Komsomolsk-on-Amur, and the Il-112VE light military transport aircraft from Ilyushin Bureau and Voronezh aviation plant (all are subsidiaries of UAC) have received the necessary export permits and Rosoboronexport has the right to offer them to foreign customers.

The Su-57E is an export version of the fifth-generation multi-role aircraft system designed to accomplish a wide range of missions against air, ground and surface targets. It can be used year round at any climate conditions and in a severe jamming environment. The aircraft employs “stealth” technology to reduce radar and infrared signature, and claims to have a high immunity of both avionics and aircraft armament system, as well as a strong supersonic cruise capability. The Su-57E key features have been announced as multi-mission capability, automation and AI technologies incorporated into target engagement processes, all-azimuth and multiple target capability, the use of long-range precision-guided weapons, super-manoeuvrability.

This makes the Su-57E fighter an attractive fifth generation aircraft already available on the market with low life cycle cost. It has been recently offered to the Turkish Air Force as a possible replacement for the US F-35 if Turkey is withdrawn from the F-35 programme due to the purchase of Russian S-400.

MAKS-2019 will be the debut international stage for the Il-112 which had its maiden flight on March 30, 2019.

The Il-112VE light military transport aircraft is the export version of the Il-112V developed for the Russian Air Force. It is built for the transportation and airdropping of cargo, vehicles, equipment, ammunition and personnel.

The major advantage of the Russian Il-112VE light military transport aircraft is its versatility, enabling a wide range of transport missions, including airdropping of cargo and special forces groups, transportation of personnel with organic weapons, delivery of weapons, ammunition and materiel, casualty evacuation, state-of-the-art avionics to perform combat missions day-and-night, in any weather and in different climatic conditions.

Dimensions of the Il-112VE cargo compartment allow to carry various payloads. The plane is equipped with two new higher-power and more fuel-efficient engines, the Klimov TV7-117ST with composite AV112 propellers controlled by a single automatic system to increase flight safety and provide high take-off and landing performance allowing the aircraft to be operated from short runways, including unprepared terrain.

The Il-112VE features on-condition maintenance to minimise the need for major overhauls, so the operational costs are especially low over the service life of approx. 30,000 flight hours or 30 years. The aircraft meets all ICAO standards on flight accuracy and safety.

Yury Laskin

Photo: UAC
Photo: UAC