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GE has recently presented its Catalyst, a new, clean-sheet turboprop engine developed entirely in Europe with all EU technologies. This engine has taken another important step in its development and certification programme. The company announced it has successfully completing altitude testing at Canada’s National Research Council Altitude Test Facility, where the engine has been tested up to 41,000 feet (12,496 m).

Including these tests the Catalyst has passed 1,100 hours of testing, with over 850 starts. While the engine is gaining strong interest for civil applications, its technological characteristics and performance, also make it an excellent candidate for military markets (UAVs, Trainers and Light transport). GE especially pointed out the “European credentials” of its new turboprop. “The engine was not only designed entirely in Europe, but it will also be produced in Europe,” GE announced. “Eight countries will be involved in its production, including Germany, which will benefit from its industrial return.”

Dorothee Frank