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The Israeli Ministry of Defence has opted for the Iron Fist Light Decoupled (IFLD), an active protection system which is to equip the new Eitan wheeled armoured vehicle and the D-9 bulldozer of the Israeli armed forces in the future. The contract for the programme is subject to conclusion of negotiations between the parties. The U.S. Army is currently investigating whether IFLD is suitable for the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle.

IFLD is using independent optical sensors, positioning radar and launch vehicles to combat threats at a safe distance from the defended combat vehicle. The system provides 360-degree protection for close-range scenarios in open terrain or urban areas. Its low weight and small size allow IFLD to be used on a variety of combat vehicles.

The 8×8 Eitan APC is designed as a troop transporter to replace the previous M113. The armour consists of a combination of armour steel and composite armour. The V-shaped hull underside contributes to protection against landmines. The cabin is equipped with ABC protection and air conditioning. The modular combat vehicle is designed for different weapon systems, these include a 40 mm cannon, mortar or rocket launcher. Eitan, which weighs around 40 tons, is powered by a 560 kW diesel engine and can reach a top speed of 95 km/h on the road.

Gerhard Heiming