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The Central Affairs Directorate (ZA) of the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) is in charge of central management affairs. Four divisions with 18 branches and one directorate office deal with interdisciplinary and general administrative matters.

Division ZA1

Division ZA1 consists of the branches ZA1.1, ZA1.2, ZA1.3 and ZA1.4.
Branch ZA1.1 is responsible for organisational structures and procedures of BAAINBw and its subordinate agencies. In addition, this branch handles tasks relating to administrative control, military complaints and requests according to the Freedom of Information Act.
Branch ZA1.2 deals with organisational consulting (organisational studies and manpower requirement calculation), cost and performance accounting (CPA), process orientation, and the BAAINBw continuous improvement process (CIP). Organisational studies are systematic investigations of organisations or organisational elements with the aim of developing, after analysis, an optimisation concept for the respective task. Not only do process orientation and its performance processes provide valuable input; they also continue to build on the optimised processes. Manpower requirement calculation/assessment is performed to determine which resources are required to fulfil the specified tasks in a given period of time. Cost and performance accounting acts in support of efficiency-driven control by providing assessments and information, thus offering a major contribution to ensuring transparency throughout cost and performance flows.

The continuous improvement programme (CIP) provides an opportunity for contributing ideas for improvement across the board. The ZA1.2 CIP officer coordinates all activities to implement and promote CIP within BAAINBw, on behalf of the executive group.
Branch ZA1.3 is responsible for any issues relating to military security and secrecy at BAAINBw, the request for visit process as well as functional supervision of the subordinate sphere with regard to such issues.

The BAAINBw technical information centre ZA1.4 researches, acquires and archives necessary technical information, and makes it centrally available to BAAINBw and agencies staff. Bundeswehr contractors receive technical information and regulations as part of contractually agreed government-furnished items. Bundeswehr units on deployment abroad are supplied with regulations using the DvWeb internet portal, similar to the information supply to contractors. Furthermore, this branch is responsible for administrative tasks in the area of technical regulations for the entire Bundeswehr. The Active Regulation Management functional area offers assistance to the bureaucracy reduction centre at the Federal Ministry of Defence and to the Regulation Management Branch at the Armed Forces Office, providing support in implementing regulation management at BAAINBw and its remit.

Division ZA2

Structure and tasks of Division ZA2 – Finance – are marked by the particular responsibilities of BAAINBw which is not only a major procurement agency of the Federal Republic of Germany and thus an important public customer, but has also had materiel responsibility for the operational viability of defence materiel since its founding. The division also administers the budgetary funds required for BAAINBw administration. The tasks of financial planning and implementation of the budget are pooled in Division ZA2.
Division ZA2 is subdivided into the branches ZA2.1 “Budget Policy and Tax Affairs”, ZA2.2 “Financial Requirements Analysis/Financial Planning and Funds Management for Investments”, ZA2.3 “Financial Requirements Analysis/Financial Planning and Funds Management for Materiel Maintenance”, ZA2.4 “Financial Requirements Analysis/Financial Planning and Funds Management for Other Operations, Information Technology and Administrative Expenditures” and ZA2.5 “Contract Accounting”.

Branch ZA2.1, besides processing general questions on tax and budgetary law, is involved in contract review and contract consulting in accordance with §§ 58, 59 and 63 of the Federal Budget Code. Beyond that, this branch supervises all outstanding government claims (e.g. recoveries, contract penalties, interest etc.), does the relevant accounting and performs the payment of taxes for BAAINBw and its agencies. Besides the budgetary involvement in all procedures and measures in accordance with §§ 23, 26 and 44 of the Federal Budget Code (Contributions), the branch is tasked with ordering all payments of BAAINBw.

The main task of ZA2.2 is funds management for R&D, and for development and procurement of defence materiel. Since 1 July 2017, central tasks of financial requirements analysis have also been part of its responsibility. Besides funds management for development and procurement, ZA2.2 handles budget item management for non-specific investment-related budget chapters/items. Furthermore, this branch is home to the SASPF accounting process manager. He is in charge of developing the conceptual basis for accounting under SASPF for the major organisational element for Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (AIN).

Branch ZA2.3’s tasks include financial planning and funds management for materiel maintenance in the framework of materiel responsibility for operational viability.
Branch ZA2.4 is responsible for financial planning and funds management of the funds required for maintaining the operability of BAAINBw and its subordinate agencies. Furthermore, the funds for information technology and the Bundeswehr information and communication system, as well as operator solutions are planned and managed in this branch.

The tasks of Branch ZA2.5 include, besides contract accounting for BAAINBw contracts, the supervision of delivery dates, final pricing agreements, and recovery of and interest on overpaid amounts after price review.

Division ZA3

Division ZA3, “Requesting Agency-related Personnel Activities, Functional Supervision of the BAAINBw Agencies, Common Legal Affairs” consists of five branches and handles, among other responsibilities, the tasks assigned to BAAINBw for civilian and military personnel.

Branch ZA3.1 coordinates matters concerning civilian BAAINBw staff and is, as such, the main point of contact for all Bundeswehr personnel management offices.
In particular, its responsibilities include personnel management for BAAINBw as employing agency.

The branch’s responsibilities also include support for the Federal Ministry of Defence, the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Personnel Management and the Bundeswehr Service Centres in matters of personnel.

Branch ZA3.2 is responsible for decentralised personnel management as well as any personnel affairs relating to military personnel. The chief of Branch ZA3.2 also is the officer in charge of matters concerning military personnel and the disciplinary superior – in accordance with the Ministerial Directive Governing Superior-Subordinate Relations Art. 3 – of all officers up to level A15 in BAAINBw, and deputy officer in charge of reservist matters within the major organisational element of Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (AIN). The chief of the section “Leadership Development and Civic Education” doubles as disciplinary superior in accordance with the Ministerial Directive Governing Superior-Subordinate Relations, Art. 3 of all noncommissioned officers at BAAINBw.

Therefore, ZA3.2 is the central link for military BAAINBw staff to all personnel management offices.

Branch ZA3.3’s tasks encompass general and common personnel affairs (civilian and military). Aside from support to an employing agency’s staff-related policy work, this includes, in particular, user administration and management for SASPF, time and attendance recording, absence time management, maintaining local personnel files and preventive occupational medical care for all employees of the agency. Branch ZA3.4 – “Strategic Planning of Training and Continuous Professional Development for AIN Personnel, Attractiveness Agenda” – is responsible for the coordination of matters pertaining to basic and advanced training of civilian and military staff of BAAINBw and its subordinate agencies. The branch’s responsibilities also include support for the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Personnel Management and the Bundeswehr Service Centres in matters of personnel recruitment measures.

The tasks of Branch ZA3.5 include, beside disciplinary matters, general administration and consulting in matters of the equal opportunities, staff representation and persons with disabilities law. The branch also deals with matters concerning the compatibility of family life and work/duty, in particular the establishment and overseeing of BAAINBw childcare facilities in Koblenz and Lahnstein.

Beyond this, ZA3.5 is charged with liability and damage investigation, benefits policy, and the functional supervision of procurement at BAAINBw agencies.
The administrative data protection officer for BAAINBw is also part of the ZA3.5 staff.

Division ZA4

Division ZA4 includes the branches ZA4.1 “IT Service BAAINBw, IT Security Officer for the AIN Organisation, IT Security Officer for BAAINBw”, ZA4.2 “Infrastructure Affairs of the AIN Organisation”, ZA4.3 “Internal Services, BAAINBw Activities in Representation of the User” and ZA4.4 “Postal and Messenger Services, Print Shop, Classified Material Registry”.
Branch ZA4.1 is responsible for the IT service and for information security within BAAINBw and the AIN organisation. The term “IT service” encompasses all typical activities relating to the provision of services in IT. For instance, the personal IT requirements (hardware and software) of all personnel is managed in this branch and made available, either as the standard, via the Bundeswehr-owned IT-company BWI, or as a special application via ZA4.1 itself. Individual areas of activity are, among others, the provision of mobile IT and dedicated servers for special applications, teleworking places, programming of data bases and the introduction of a modern document management and groupware system into BAAINBw.

The Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (AIN) organisation is responsible for the determination and specification of its own infrastructural requirements, similar to the rules applicable to the services. This task has been given by the Federal Ministry of Defence Branch A I 4 to BAAINBw Branch ZA4.2. It includes all agencies and institutions dealing with defence technology, i.e. BAAINBw and all its technical centres, defence research institutes and the naval arsenal, as well as the Fraunhofer Institutes partly funded by the Federal Ministry of Defence. The, mainly atypical, infrastructural requirements of the AIN organisation are primarily aimed at satisfying requirements for trials, investigations and R&T. In addition, Branch ZA4.2 handles infrastructure tasks for the Federal Government’s in house companies overseen at BAAINBw (HIL GmbH, BwBM GmbH, BwFPS GmbH, BWI GmbH).

The scope of responsibility of Branch ZA4.3 includes internal services for BAAINBw with the areas “Procurement of own requirements” / “Budget” / “Logistics and material provision” / “Motor pool”. The area “Activities in Representation of the User” coordinates all matters concerning the sites, facilities and accommodation of the user BAAINBw in Koblenz, Lahnstein and Bonn.

Branch ZA4.4 ensures internal operations by running postal and messenger services, a print shop and a classified material registry.

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