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At MSPO Rheinmetall presents its Mission Master unmanned ground vehicle equipped with WB Group’s micro combat unmanned air vehicle for the first time. The name of this new vehicle is Mission Master – Protection. This new version is based on the tested 8×8 all-terrain platform.

The integrated WARMATE micro combat unmanned air vehicle (UAV) from WB Group now opens up a range of new offensive and observation capabilities. According to the company it is capable of scanning the battlefield, detecting and determining exact enemy positions and, when the decision is made, engaging them. When an attack is aborted, the WARMATE can be recalled, can continue loitering, or be directed at another target.

Operators can command both the UGV and UAV from a mobile ground control station; a modern soldier system such as Rheinmetall Argus; or with Rheinmetall Command and Control Software installed in any user’s battle management system.

“The use of micro combat UAVs on our Mission Master UGVs is an incredible opportunity for ground commanders,” says Alain Tremblay, Rheinmetall Canada’s Vice-President for business development. “Being able to observe hidden targets and conduct precise identification before initiating a surgical strike with minimal collateral damage is a real tactical advantage on today’s battlefield. And since both the Mission Master and the WARMATE are able to conduct certain autonomous operations, it reduces the number of military personal required and lets troops focus on mission success.”

Dorothee Frank