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At DSEI Soucy Defense presents its Composite Rubber Track (CRT) technology on a Warrior vehicle by Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL). The warrior family of vehicles is currently in service with the British Army but the one on display is a prototype, developed by RBSL, as a Mortar or Armoured Battlegroup Support Vehicle. The Warrior Automotive Improvement Programme (WAIP) for the British MoD and Private Venture work with Soucy Defense are just some of the initiatives on offer to enhance the performance and reduce through life costs of Warrior.

Soucy’s CRT system consists of a continuously cased rubber band structure, reinforced with a range of composite materials and steel cord. It weighs up to 50% lighter than Steel track and offers a range of other benefits.

“SOUCY Defense Division requested NPrime to conduct new vibrational testing to capture data on the harshness of vibration experienced within specific locations where munitions are stored, as well as the impact of vibration on on-board electronics,” Soucy Defense announced. “These test results, presented along side our trials data from the Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU), shows how fitting Soucy’s CRT to an Armoured Vehicle can provide a 40% reduction in mean vibration, less Ordinance Munition and Explosive (OME) propellent compaction which can increase ammunition life by up to 70%.”

Dorothee Frank