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At DSEI Supacat is showing its new Light Role Vehicle (LRV) that promises an even improved performance in terrain access, range and operator comfort. This vehicle is highly modular and offers a range of configuration options to suit a variety of environmental conditions, threat levels and crew requirements.  All variants use a common chassis and driveline with customers able to specify modular elements of the vehicle such as open or closed cabs, seating layout, load platform and weapon systems. LRV also has the unique feature of being convertible between 6×6 and 4×4, offering users the flexibility to reconfigure the vehicle to meet different operational requirements within hours by the addition or removal of a third axle module.

Its low weight and packaging offers a genuine Fly/Drive tactical capability utilising current in-service aviation assets for rapid intervention operations, while maintaining excellent payload capacity. Looking at the vehicle construction it surely has been designed to deliver a very good off road performance lowering user fatigue, reducing cognitive burden and enabling the operator to arrive at their objective fit to fight.

“The feedback from our current specialist customer base has been extremely positive and users describe the vehicles as ‘in a class of its own’,” said Ben Gaffney, Head of New Programmes, Supacat.  “Users love the HMT. The LRV offers the same level of quality and off road capability, in a smaller and more compact vehicle.”

Supacat emphasized that LRV is ITAR free and can be supported via Supacat’s existing globally available spares network.  The LRV has been developed with a common user interface to its Supacat HMT Jackal to maximise inter-operability and minimise training.

Dorothee Frank

Photo: Dorothee Frank
Photo: Dorothee Frank