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Photos: Dorothee Frank

Irish company Reamda is showing their range of military robots – especially explosive ordnance robots – at DSEI. One quite new addition to this is Reacher, a bomb disposal robot with a payload bay, which is a quite unique feature in this area. Customers are Ireland, of course, and Switzerland, with 19 robots being in operation with the Irish Defence Forces already.

The payload bay might be used for most different add-ons. One of them shown at show is the Remote Disruptor Platform (RDP) that might therefore easily be deployed when observation or disruptor capabilities are needed in low clearance situations, for example looking under a car.  The Reacher can use the RDP to get a 3rd person perspective view on itself. The RDP can also be used to position X-Ray sources such as the XRS-200/300, leaving Reacher free to position the X-Ray panel.

Reacher has both skid steer and Ackerman steering via the rear axle. This allows the robot to save battery power and tyre wear when making long trips to incidents. It also allows Reacher to get out of trouble if it sinks in very soft ground.

The robot is able to drive at a maximum speed of 10 km/h. The arm has a 200 kg lift capability. The communication system is also made by Reamda and might therefore be adjusted to customer needs.

Dorothee Frank