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Archer, the BAE Systems Bofors’ 155mm/52-cal SP wheeled artillery system was on display at DSEI for the first time carried on a Rheinmetall MAN 8×8 cross country truck with an armoured cab. This 8×8 carrier is widely in use around the world and indicates the international intentions of the company for this wheeled artillery system. Sweden is already going full steam ahead equipping its artillery units with Archer, 24 of which have been received, with a further 12 on order as reserve equipments. (These had been slated as part of a delivery to Norway, but that deal did not go ahead.)

In a further artillery development, it was announced that engineers at BAE Systems have achieved a 20% increase in munition explosive power by mixing current polymer bonded explosives using Resonant Acoustic Mixing (RAM) technology. A range of advanced warheads as well as general artillery munitions are set to benefit from the development. Lee Smurthwaite, Munitions Delivery Director at BAE Systems Land UK, said that this will enable the use of less explosive to achieve the same effects in future shells and warheads, which will help reduce both space and weight.

Tim Guest