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MBDA continues to promote the Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM) as its offer for the Polish Narew short range air-and-missile defence modernization programme, which is expected to lead to the procurement of over a dozen batteries to provide coverage and protection to strategic infrastructure and military units from a wide range of aerial threats.

According to the manufacturer, the CAMM missile offers land based forces a highly effective and easily deployable, local area air defence capability, able to operate as either a standalone unit or integrated within a battle space network. The use of third party target information from the wider battle space network allows the system to engage targets that are non line-of-sight from the local launcher or sensors. The light weight and compact designs allow multiple missiles to be carried by conventional wheeled vehicles.

However, MBDA’s offer for the Polish Narew programme is not only limited to the effector. The manufacturer is also ready to provide Poland with a wide range of subsystems and auxiliary equipment, such as C2, launchers, vehicles or even cables.

Furthermore, the manufacturer is looking to transfer of as much production of the Narew system to the customer country, as possible. This would be done in partnership with a number of Polish defence companies, like Pit-Radwar, Mesko, Jelcz, HSW, CTM and WZE, which are members of the Polish Armaments Group (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, PGZ) holding.

MBDA foresees a wide implementation of the CAMM family of missiles in the Polish Armed Forces, as its maritime variant, known as the Sea Ceptor, could be applied to a number of Polish Navy’s modernization programmes, like Orkan, Miecznik or Ślązak, which call for, modernization of a fleet of fast attack crafts, procurement of a number of coastal defence vessels, and commissioning of a multipurpose, offshore patrol vessel.

Narew is not the only Polish modernization programme, which MBDA shows its interest in, as the manufacturer follows a number of other acquisition efforts, such as the procurement of at least 32 5th generation multirole fighter jets (Harpia), next generation infantry fighting vehicles (Borsuk), as well as maritime patrol aircraft and anti-tank missile systems (Rybitwa, Pustelnik and Karabela), where it can offer either complete system solutions or important subsystems.

Michal Jarocki