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At AUSA Plasan North America (PNA) concentrates on the additional value working together with this American company, located in Michigan, gives to other companies. Plasan is an International company with R&D and manufacturing facilities in Israel, U.S., and France plus broader partner network known for providing combat and tactical platforms with advanced armour solutions. Plasan North America (PNA) adds a local, U.S.-based, manufacturing capability providing comprehensive solutions for armour, composite, and commercial steel fabrication.

Some recently awarded or executed programs that demonstrate the breadth of Plasan’s solutions:

  • Plasan was selected and performed the Phase I demonstration effort, with the U.S. Army Vehicle Protection Systems Program, to demonstrate Plasan’s Razor A-ERA Technology for defeating unique threats.
  • Plasan, teamed with Loc Performance, was selected by the US Army to develop and supply an Improved Underbelly Mine Protection Solution for the Bradley IFV
  • Plasan won the General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada bid to develop and supply unique Energy Attenuating Seats for the Canadian Army LAV 6.0 Command Post Vehicles.
  • Plasan was selected to design and produce armor protection for Britain’s new Type 26 frigate.
  • Plasan developed, designed and delivered 3 unique armor shipsets for the new U.S. Navy DDG1000 Zumwalt-class destroyers.

Information on all these programmes and projects are available at the show.

Dorothee Frank