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Nexter presents a 1/10 model of the CAESAR 8×8 on its stand at AUSA. This 155mm gun mounted on an 8×8 truck with increased protection. The CAESAR gun is combat proven from its use by the French army, in its version 6×6, notably within the Task Force Wagram deployed in Syria between September 2016 and May 2019. The experience of the French artillerymen, combined with the precision and flexibility of CAESAR, has enabled the accomplishment of 2,500 firing missions, or about 18,000 shells fired.

Visitors also have the opportunity to discover a wide range of medium and large calibre ammunition, the latter being represented by ammunition ranging from 84mm (in HEAT and SMOKE versions) to 155mm. The 120mm tank range is represented by armor-piercing (APFSDS), explosive (HE) and CANISTER ammunition.

Finally, the 155mm for artillery is available on stand with the BONUS ammunition, an intelligent ammunition capable of detecting and destroying armored vehicles (stationary or mobile); the LU211 IM BB, an explosive ammunition with an increased range (up to 40 km); the LU 214 SMOKE BB, an ammunition with an increased range creating a smoke screen; the LU 216 ILL IR, an ammunition illuminating its target in the IR spectrum for 80 seconds; and 6 modular charges.

Regarding medium caliber, two 25mm and two 30mm ammunition are presented on the stand in their armor-piercing versions (APFSDS-T 25 and 30mm) and their training equivalents (TPFSDS-T 25 and 30mm).

Dorothee Frank