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BLUVECTOR informs about their cyber protection artifical intelligence (AI) at NIAS in Mons. Acutally eight different types of AI are most commonly used by military and cyber security forces. The AI BLUVECTOR has built up and trained looks at malicious content. So it is more like a metal detector, searching for special patterns instead of behavior. The AI algorithm, that has been developed by BLUVECTOR, looks at the content and checks at wire speed if data has been changed, if anything has been added.

This AI is an open framework based capability that might be integrated with any other open API technology. It is supervised machine learning, so adaptable and self-improving, in order to achieve best results in difficult cyber surroundings. With these capabilities the AI will constantly learn, change, and adapt to future threats. Or as BLUVECTOR named it: “It is time to hunt the threat instead of being hunted by it.”

Dorothee Frank