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Completely made in Finland is the secure communication solution Bittium presents at NIAS, NATO’s big yearly cyber security conference. “We design and produce the phones in Finland,” a spokesperson from Bittium told European Security & Defence at the show. This is quite outstanding because these phones look like any other mobile – iPhone, Samsung… – and not like other special secure or military devices. Their usage is also similar to civil phones.

Finland has already certified the phones for CONFIDENTIAL. NATO certification (RESTRICTED and/or CONFIDENTIAL) is expected within the near future. “We have built our Tough Mobile product family on a completely open platform, so that governments can customize them according to their needs and maybe additional national solutions,” the spokesperson said. Several European countries have already shown interest in this secure communication for military or police forces.

On the technical specification Bittium stated: “At the core of the information security features of the Bittium Tough Mobile smartphones lies their multilayered security structure, which is based on hardened Android operating system, unique hardware solutions, and the information security features and software integrated in the source code. The phones are fully designed and manufactured in Finland and Bittium ensures supervised and secure manufacturing and supply of the smartphones to customers. Bittium Tough Mobile smartphones together with Bittium Secure Suite device management and encryption software product can be certified for secure use of different national government authorities. Bittium Tough Mobile C smartphone together with Bittium Secure Suite back-end system form the first smartphone based communication solution in the world that has been certified for CONFIDENTIAL security level (NCSA-FI). As the smartphones have been designed for use by authorities, they have a significantly longer availability and lifespan and better availability of security updates compared to conventional smartphones.”

Dorothee Frank