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StreetDrone’s Open Autonomy Platform will now be available in Israel, distributed by Plasan. StreetDrone offers a large range of autonomous-ready vehicles and open source software systems providing a fast track to autonomy. This open-access drive-by-wire system has already been integrated into the Twizy, ZOE and e-NV 200 vehicles, just to name some examples. Unlike most autonomous vehicles which are enabled by hacking into driving systems not intended to enable self-driving, StreetDrone’s solutions provide a definitive means to test, analyse and deploy self-driving technology on public roads.

“We are very excited to be able to introduce StreetDrone’s exceptional autonomous platforms to the Israeli market,” said Dani Ziv, CEO of Plasan. “This expands Plasan’s offering into a new and rapidly expanding segment that will define the next generation of vehicles and we are very happy to be a part of Israel’s leading position in this field.”

StreetDrone founder Mark Preston added: “Plasan, as the leading vehicular platform manufacturer in Israel, is a natural partner for us in this region. They allow us to offer close and intimate support to the large number of companies and institutions in this cutting edge ecosystem, who can benefit greatly from the products that StreetDrone has developed specifically for the purpose of accelerating R&D in autonomous vehicles and related systems.”

Dorothee Frank