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PELI Products, a manufacturer of protective cases and portable lighting systems, has recently presented its latest tactical light, PELI 7600. Using LED technology and with a compact design, the 7600 provides high, strobe, medium and low modes, and gives users the option to choose from 5 different programmes. The PELI 7600 has a performance of up to 944 lumens and is only 15.7 cm long. Additional features to support professional users are an USB rechargeable lithium ion battery and a full time battery level indicator to ensure that professionals will always be able to lightup their missions while knowing what the battery status is. The PELI 7600 torches are designed for law enforcement professionals and first responders.

Moreover, Peli has also introduced its new 1745 PELI Air Long Case with press and pull latches, which keep the lid shut through rough handling but are easy to open on arrival. The case allows professional users to protect their long equipment during air travel. The case is up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases. It comes with integrated wheels and is 111.8 cm long, so users will be able to comfortably transport weapons, tripods, surveying equipment and other lengthy equipment, in the harshest environments.

Christian Kanig