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UF PRO announced that it will display a soon-to-debut range of highly anticipated combat shirts and pants known as Striker X at its exhibit booth (5D 083) at the Milipol international fair (November 19 – 22, Paris). “Our Striker X range is built to meet the demanding needs of military operators, whose input we drew on in designing both the shirts and pants,” said Armin Wagner, head of UF PRO product development.

According to Wagner, the Striker X range is notable for extreme ruggedness combined with remarkable comfort. “Striker X combat pants and shirts are made with high-tech, best-in-class materials that offer no-melt/no-drip,” Wagner explained. “All the seams are streamlined, and the places most vulnerable to rips and damage from abrasion are super-reinforced. Yet, they are also exceptionally breathable. And, thanks to their anatomic fit, they move freely as though they’re part of the wearer’s body.”

UF PRO will also present some new patterns at Milipol. “We have a number of other new colours we want to parade past our guests at the booth,” Wagner said. “One of these is Steel Grey, and it will be presented on our upcoming Delta OL 3.0 winter jackets and pants, as well as on our already available Striker BDUs. “Another new colour is PHANTOMLEAF. A novel algorithm was employed in designing this adaptive pattern, which is why it can cause a wearer to visually blend in against almost any background. The surrounding landscape or environment may change, but this one pattern works in them all. It’s available only to governments in this pattern, but the WASP II Z3a pattern is developed for civilian usage as well.”

Photos: UF PRO

One more camouflage pattern expected to be of interest is CONCAMO, which will be shown on UF PRO’s Striker HT combat pants. “CONCAMO is short for ‘confusion camouflage,’” Wagner explained. “And confusion is exactly what it produces in the brain of someone looking in the direction of a CONCAMO wearer. Its eight blended colours combined with an array of scientifically structured shapes toss a wrench into the subconscious mind, preventing awareness of what’s practically right in front of your face.”

Dorothee Frank