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Polish WB Group has expanded its sales offer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) by the introduction of new variants of its battle proven, renowned and highly demanded Warmate loitering munition system. The new assortment now includes also a tube launched variant developed in partnership with Rheinmetall as well as a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) version.

According to the manufacturer, the tube launched version of its combat UAV, called Warmate TL, features a folding wing structure, making it able to fit inside of a transport canister. The system can be launched pneumatically from a special tube, which could be fitted on virtually any kind of wheeled or tracked vehicle, such as the Mission Master unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), developed by Rheinmetall.

Warmate TL is fitted with a warhead featuring a daylight and thermal cameras. The platform is capable of assessing the potential target long before the order to strike is given. Furthermore, the manufacturer has applied a number of fail-safe systems, which gives the operator a chance to abort the mission at any time.

The platform has high performance and targeting accuracy, a low acoustic trace and interchangeable warheads, such as surveillance/observation modules fitted with a special parachute system allowing for safe landing and recovery of the UAV.

The manufacturer informed that Warmate TL has a wingspan of 1,7 metre and a length of 1,1 metre. Max take-off weight is 4,5 kg, including a 1,4 kg warhead. Furthermore, the system can reach a maximum speed of 150 km/h with a max endurance of up to 40 min. The platform has a range of 10 km.

WB Group stated that the decision to partner with Rheinmetall is the result of a long, profound evaluation of all options in which both manufacturers could lay the ground for strengthening their position on local and global markets just as new sales due to multi-mission weapon systems. Both companies are also expected to enter new fields of cooperation and intend to look for new possibilities of integrating WB Group’s various combat and reconnaissance UAVs with Rheinmetall’s manned and unmanned platforms.

The WB Group has also enhanced its sales offer by the introduction of the Warmate V, which is a small multi-rotor VTOL loitering munition system. The platform is designed specifically to operate in dense urban environment. According to the manufacturer, it is intended to detect, locate and destroy enemy targets, which might be hiding behind or in buildings as well as other urban infrastructure.

The manufacturer describes the system as an alternative to a wide range of fixed-wing loitering munition systems, as according to the WB Group, Warmate V is ideal to operate in places where the use of classic, fast UAVs could prove to be ineffective.

Michal Jarocki