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At MILIPOL Nexter shows a range of solutions going from armoured vehicles to artillery systems and also masters strategic sub-assemblies, such as weapon systems and ammunition or robots and embedded electronic systems.

One of the highlights is TITUS Homeland Security that has been used to protect COP 21 and is actively used by the RAID French police intervention unit. A live version of TITUS 6×6 armoured vehicle is present on the stand, in its Homeland version. This vehicle is capable of carrying out a wide range of missions, from policing to fire support and troop transport. Proven by the RAID intervention unit, it benefits from the continuous feedback of this elite unit of the French “Police Nationale.”

Also the shown NERVA robots, that are already being used by several security forces, are of interest. Its unique mobile platform makes these robots well-suited for reconnaissance and opening up of potentially dangerous areas (IED or CBRN threats) easy to deploy, launchable and with a high-speed capability, it fits to the tempo of operations. NERVA can be reconfigured within a few seconds on the field, with no special tools (Wheels/Tracks, Payload, Batteries), it therefore is able to provide the best capabilities in varied contexts of intervention. It can be deployed and used by mounted or dismounted personnel, using a control station with advanced ergonomic capabilities. It also forms a natural extension for operational vehicles.

Dorothee Frank