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Photos: Rafael

At MILIPOL Rafael Advanced Defence Systems presents FIREFLY, a miniature tactical loitering weapon system from the SPIKE Family, for the first time. This system only weighs 3 kg and provides precision attack capabilities for the dismounted soldier fighting within an urban arena where situation awareness is limited, the enemy is behind cover, and precision is critical.

Another system shown is SISDOME, an integrated security system for Border, Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), Energy Facilities, Sea Ports, Coastline and Offshore Protection, which promises to enhance the abilities of its operators by using smart algorithms and procedure automation, thus reducing manpower and improving efficiency.

Moreover, Rafael exhibits the DRONE DOME, a ready-to-use anti-drone system for airspace defence against hostile and stray drones which integrates detection, classification, identification, and neutralisation sub-systems, providing a mobile, quick response anti-UAV defence solution for sensitive sites and airspace. A number of countries have already chosen DRONE DOME as an anti-drone defence system.

Christian Kanig