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At the DSEI in Japan Tyron presented a new variant of its rubber-based All Terrain Runflat called ATR-Custom. The two-piece inlay can be mounted without hydraulic aids.

The tyres of off-road vehicles can be damaged by shootings, blasting or sharp stones. All Terrain Runflat (ATR) pads allow the vehicle to continue driving at sufficient speed to bring the crew and vehicle to safety where the wheel can be changed.

The two-piece runflat solution does not require a hydraulic press to squeeze the runflat in and out of the tyre, making it field-mountable and demountable and reducing the logistics footprint of armoured vehicles.

Rubber as the material of the runflats pad has the advantage of drastically suppressing shocks that occur when driving over kerbs and potholes as well as off-road, absorbing vibrations and tensions that can be transmitted by the emergency running surface to wheels, suspensions, axles and drive shafts. In addition, the interactions between the insert and the inner wall of the tyre are less harmful.

Gerhard Heiming