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FORD Global Fleet Sales has revealed its latest military, security and armoured vehicles at the DEFENSE & SECURITY 2019, that is taking place in Bangkok, Thailand, at the moment. One of the highlights is the FORD Everest Light Utility Vehicle, a heavy duty off-road SUV customized with protective vehicle components including an optional bull bar and window protection. An upgraded brake and suspension package improves safety and handling and reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

Another vehicle of interest is the FORD Ranger Light Tactical Vehicle, a heavy duty pick-up developed for military use. FORD Global Fleet Sales stated that it offers customized military applications to suit customers’ exact needs. This includes a bull bar, enhanced handling suspension package and in-vehicle gun rack.

Especially suited for VIP or secret operations is the FORD Everest Armored Vehicle, an off-road SUV armoured for discreet protection. Everest Armor offers an upgraded brake and suspension package to enhance performance and safety. Opaque armor and roof armor range from B4 (NIJ IIIa) to B6 (NIJ III). Transparent areas are standard EN1063, level BR4 to BR6. The floor provides protection against two DM51 or DM61 hand grenades. Tire retention system enables driving with punctured tires.

Dorothee Frank