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The Lithuanian Ministry of Defence (MoD) agreed to procure 200 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) from the U.S. for about €145 million. Deliveries are expected to take placebetween 2020 and 2024. New vehicles will be distributed among various units of the country’s armed forces.

The procurement will be finalised under the Letter of Offer and Acceptance, which was signed between the Defence Materiel Agency of the country’s MoD and the U.S. Department of Defense. According to the agreement, Oshkosh Defense from Wisconsin will be the main contractor, responsible for the manufacturing of the vehicles in accordance with specific technical requirements set by the Lithuanian armed forces, allowing the vehicles to meet the desired levels of operational and combat efficiency.

“The combat support JLTV acquisition project, which is implemented in cooperation with the United States Government, is one of the key elements in modernising and strengthening the Lithuanian Armed Forces and marks a qualitative leap in providing the Armed Forces with cutting-edge, combat-capable equipment. With the procurement of these vehicles we are sending a strong signal to our allies that Lithuania takes care and invests into its own and the Alliance’s security,” said the Minister of National Defence of Lithuania, Raimundas Karoblis.

The first batch of Lithuanian JLTVs is expected to be delivered in late 2021. Subsequently, new vehicles will be distributed among various units of the country’s armed forces, including the Mechanised Infantry Brigade “Iron Wolf.” Lithuanian JLTVs will be equipped with turrets and mounts for 12.7mm M2 QCB machine-guns.

The contract’s value is about €145 million, which covers not only the cost of procurement of new vehicles, but also provision of auxiliary equipment, weapons, personnel training and spare parts, as well as sustainment of the vehicles in the initial phase of their service-life.

Over the past several years Lithuania significantly modernised its armed forces, enhancing their operational capabilities by procurement of new combat, transport and reconnaissance systems. The long list of latest procurements include acquisition of Vilkas/Boxer 8×8 infantry fighting vehicles and 155mm PZH 2000 self-propelled artillery systems.

Michal Jarocki