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Dutch company Cruden presents their Fast Craft Simulator (FCS) at I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida. “With rapidly growing fast craft deployment and today’s awareness of the risks involved in crew training, safe and efficient training methods specifically for these boat types are in high demand,” the company stated. “Existing large vessel simulator technology does not satisfy these requirements because it has been developed for slow vessels. So dedicated systems for light weight, planning hulls are required to achieve convincing simulator performance for fast craft.”

Photo: Dorothee Frank

The shown simulator is a rather light version, with a speedboat on a special 6-DOF motion system and a dome. Especially the detailed motion of the ship that corresponds exactly with the seen waves are very impressive and the outstanding capability of this simulator. Even at really high speeds the “boat” matched the expected behavior of the waves shown, making the driving a quite realistic and shaking experience. With this high level of realistic behavior soldiers might learn the first steps in driving these boats without any danger that might occur due to high speed in combination with waves.

Other highlights of the simulator include an open architecture allowing use of common communication and navigation equipment, seamless integration of standard equipment, simulated electro-optical and infrared systems, shock-mitigating seats and multiple crew training, just to name a few. “Our simulators are designed to have you up and running within a couple of days,” Cruden stated. “We are also able to seamlessly integrate your boat models into the simulator.”

Dorothee Frank