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Nexter took the opportunity of I/ITSEC to introduce their new FINDADFI dismounted combat helmet add-on. FINDADFI is a soldier’s helmet-mounted information system that displays – with a small screen right in the soldiers field of view – the necessary navigation and positioning information for the mission. It even interfaces night/day hand-held binocular and navigation devices.

The interesting feature of FINDAFI is that it works completely without cables. It might even be the first of its kind without any cables. The system is made of a modular exo-helmet with CPU, battery, GPS and embedded radio that is adaptable on any kind of existing soldier’s helmet without modification. It weighs only 650 g.

FINDAFI’s functionality include blue force tracking, navigation assistance, local messaging communication, communication by satellite just as data and multimedia sharing.

French Army will be first customer with first delivery planned for March 2020.

Dorothee Frank