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Even though some say the domes are dead and augmented reality will take over their role, there are still enough specialists pointing out that you still need the haptic and reality of original systems in a dome. So at I/ITSEC there are still enough companies presenting solutions that might be used in domes and the technology of these systems is still improving. Barco showed a quite impressive solution, the Barco UniSee LCD video wall.

Most video walls have rather large gaps between tiles, but Barco is proud to present a video wall with the most narrow gaps available at the market at the moment at I/ITSEC. The UniSee has several additional interesting capabilities, making it a good choice for domes. There is no difference between the screens. Most other walls have shadows at the border of the different tiles, and most screens age differently, making walls – for example in domes – a rather chess board experience after some time. UniSee has no border shadows and all the tiles align to the lowest resolution (color, light).

If any video screen needs to be exchanged this could be done by one or two people within few minutes. The new tile aligns itself automatic, so after some minutes the user might continue with training without any loss in picture quality.

Dorothee Frank