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Some quite impressive training can be seen at the Australian booth at I/ITSEC. Chiron Global Technologies is presenting the performance of their Chiron Armour Platform X-Series body armor in real fighting. Chiron X-1 is already in use with Australian Defence personnel to allow realistic training. With only 17 kg and several layers – a hard shell together with soft protective padding inside – this armor is combining agility and maneuverability with a very high level of protection. Therefore it allows personnel to really train as they fight using realistic high levels of force and speed, engaging within traditional training safety distances.

During the demonstration at I/ITSEC the person wearing Chiron’s body armor was hit several times by a metallic axe, a metallic knife, a carbine and a baton. All strikes were in full speed at full force, without any injures or bruises. 122 personnel of Australian Defence forces have already been trained with this new body armor.

According to a company spokesman the Australian Defence trainers said they have never experienced such a realistic fighting training before. Due to injure prevention most hits stop right before the target, are not made by full force or only done with rubber weapons in ordinary training. The problem is, that when people are trained to stop right before hitting the face, they might also go into a real fight with reduced force. Or they might not expect what happens when they really hit another person with full force. These disadvantages are eliminated by using Chiron’s body armor.

Right now Chiron is developing the Chiron-X2, that will be even lighter (12 kg) and will incorporate the company’s force-measurement sensor into the body armor. Delivery of X-2 is planned for end 2020.

Dorothee Frank