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i2K Military showed an inflatable T-72 main battle tank, that is in use with the U.S. Army, at I/ITSEC. Even though this tank looks quite toy-like, it is made out of high performance fiber. It can withstand 50 to 100 bullets before it will collapse, making it an ideal (and cheap) training equipment.

The company offers inflatable vehicles ranging from U.S. battle tanks and aircraft to Soviet-era missile launchers. “For advanced drills and exercises, metal frame decoy and target tanks, vehicles, missile launchers and jets are costly, difficult to modify and burdensome to install,” the company explained. The inflatable solutions fit in that gap, are fully customizable, realistic looking and easy to set up. i2K added: “Advanced design software and vinyl-coated polyester skins enable us to produce full-sized military replicas that are 97% realistic looking from the air.”

Dorothee Frank