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The U.S. Army has awarded a contract for significant testing of the StrikeShield Active Protection System (APS) to the team of Rheinmetall Protection Systems and Unified Business Technologies (UBT). Tests will be conducted at Redstone Test Center in Huntsville, Alabama, beginning in October 2020. The Army’s recently formed Vehicle Protective Systems (VPS) program office will evaluate StrikeShield within a larger scale to characterize APS performance against a wide variety of anti-armor threats. Within this program the U.S. Army will carry out extensive live fire testing of StrikeShield over several months. The results will influence APS of fielded vehicles and new vehicle programs.

StrikeShield APS is a distributed, real time system that was developed to protect platforms against anti-tank rockets and missiles. Its components comprise ballistic functions and characteristics. The external protection layer protects these components against shell fragments or small arms fire. Countermeasures are embedded in the first protection plate from the outside and are simultaneously part of the first passive protection layer. The sensors of the system are contained in the space in between.

Dorothee Frank