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Today DWT‘s symposium “Perspectives on Defence Technology 2020” began in Bonn, Germany. During the opening speech, the Vice President of the German procurement agency BAAINBw, Major General Gert Friedrich Nultsch, emphasized that a rethinking process had taken place in Germany, in which products are only procured on demand now. “No project without procedure,” said Nultsch. “We work just in time, not on stockpile. But this also means that we cannot bring drawer solutions to market quickly.”

Nultsch described the time structure of a procurement process as follows: “If I want to procure something in 2022, then it must be planned in 2019, established in 2020 and go into Parliament budget discussions in 2021. That means I need four years. I am not talking about a homemade process and procedure, but about law. Budgetary and public procurement law.”

Accordingly, Nultsch called for a clearer prioritisation of systems and their procurement. “If purchasing really comes before project planning, then I have to buy and must not turn it into a CPM process,” emphasized Nultsch. In addition, he would like to see a clearer and more explicit orientation of procurement – including the political decisions that go with it – based on the orientation of the Bundeswehr. This would make it possible to set up a strict controlling. “Acording to and after controlling it could then be decided what we do. But also what we don’t do!”

Dorothee Frank