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Luch-PRO is a stationary system intended to influence UAV navigation, control and information channels and ban UAV operations around a protected area, object or personnel.

What does it do?

According to Moscow-based Avtomatika Concern – Luch-PRO’s designer and manufacturer – the systems antenna emission angle varies from 30° to 60°, providing effective suppression of rotor or “copter” type UAVs at a distance of at least 6 km while in conditions of direct visibility.

 Why does it work?

The power of the system at various frequencies in the range of the following

  • 0.3 to 1 GHz – but not less than 150 watts
  • 1 to 2 GHz – but not less than 200 watts
  • 2 to 6 GHz – but at least 150 watts

How does it work?

The system automatically chooses the most efficient operational frequency upon determining the type of suppressed UAV channel. The emission works simultaneously in at least two ranges.

How does it perform?

Sources at Avtomatika Concern told ESD the accuracy of combining interference-frequencies with sensing interference is “…at least 10% of the high-frequency width spectrum of suppressed signals.”

The system reaction time after drone detection is about than 100 metres from base, while the manufacturer affirms that Luch-PRO efficiency range is at least 6 km.

Luch-PRO includes an antenna-feeder system along with noise generator blocks, a support and rotary device for the radio suppression sub-system. The control station itself is based on a laptop-type personal computer to meet customer specifications.

The Luch-PRO system operates within the temperature range of minus 40° С to more than 50° Celsius. Luch-PRO can also work under poor weather conditions including rain with an intensity of 5 mm / minute. Luch-PRO is not influenced by a reasonable level of sand and dust. One Luch-PRO station weighs 25 kg (without slewing ring).

The system is easily mountable on top of protected object as well as a vehicle roof top. The system can work together with the Sapsan-Bekas complex (pictured) as well.

Yury Laskin