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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will display a range of new advanced systems at the upcoming Singapore Air Show. One of the highlights will be Heron MK II Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), an enhanced version of IAI’s flagship Heron UAV, which is used by the Israeli Air Force and by over 20 operational users worldwide. HERON MK II is a strategic and versatile aircraft capable of carrying diverse payloads. IAI will also be unveiling the WASP, a lightweight electro-optical system, which provides a wide area picture with Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) technology. IAI’s WASP provides high-resolution visual imagery and continuous day and night capturing of broad areas. WASP can be positioned on UAVs, airplanes, and helicopters.

Artwork: IAI

Another highlight will be Mini Harpy, a newly-developed loitering munition (shown here). Mini Harpy combines the capabilities of IAI’s two flagship loitering missiles, the Harop and the Harpy, offering detection of broadcast radiation with electro optical capabilities. It can be launched from land, marine and helicopter borne platforms, providing complete independence in intelligence collection for an updated situational picture and closing the attack circle at low cost. The loitering missiles are launched towards the target area. They loiter the sky until the threat is detected. Upon detection, the systems locks in on the threat and attacks it for a quick, lethal closure. Electrically powered, Mini Harpy is quiet, carries shaped charge of approx. 8 kg, operates in mission range of 100 km for duration of two house and 45 kg in weight.

IAI will also present STARLIGHT, a new generation cloud-based Multi-INT Analysis Platform designed to support commanders, warfighters, and analysts in decision making. The STARLIGHT Open Architecture platform transforms vast amounts of unstructured data gathered from distributed multi-disciplinary ISR sensors into actionable intelligence. Based on advanced machine learning algorithms, smart BI Tools, and effective man-machine teaming, STARLIGHT’s operational application suite augments situational understanding, big data analytics, optimizes ISR Cycles, detects patterns and anomalies, and provides mission-critical alerts and predictions regarding time-sensitive targets, threats, and events.

Dorothee Frank