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The Italian Ministry of Defence has signed an agreement with the Freccia consortium Iveco – Oto Melara (CIO), founded in 1985, for the supply of a further 30 Freccia 8×8 wheeled armoured infantry fighting vehicles. Five of these vehicles are configured as infantry combat vehicles, 25 for anti-tank defence. The vehicles will be used to equip the second medium brigade of the Italian Army, for which a total of 381 Freccia are planned.

According to an agreement between the Ministries of Defence, Economics and Finance, a further €1.5 billion will be available for the Freccia project until 2032.

The first brigade has been equipped with 253 Freccia (infantry support, anti-tank defence [spike], command and control, mortar carrier ambulance) for around €1.5 billion until 2016.

The Freccia vehicle family in the 30-tonne class has a highly protected hull and is powered by a powerful Iveco diesel engine via a traditional H-drive. Three steering axles and tyres with run-flat tyres in combination with hydropneumatic suspension ensure high manoeuvrability and off-road capability. A HITFIST turret with 25 mm cannon is integrated as armament. Fire control systems as well as command and communication systems from Leonardo are the basis for command capability and effectiveness.

In the 50:50 consortium, Iveco Defence Vehicles, a company of CNH Industrial, is responsible for engines, transmissions and all automotive components, the hull and the final integration of armoured wheeled vehicles. Leonardo, the legal successor to OTO Melara, contributes weapon systems, sighting and fire control systems and, for tracked vehicles, the hull and is responsible for its final integration. Both companies have excellent expertise in the field of protection against direct fire, mines and IEDs.

Gerhard Heiming


Technical Data:

Crew: commander, driver, gunner and up to eight infantrymen

Length, width, height: 7.6 m, 2.9 m, 3.0 m

Weight: 28 tons

Drive: Iveco 5HP-a500 V6 diesel, 412 kW

Maximum speed (road): 105 km/h

Range: 900 km

Armament (depending on variant)

Variants: infantry support, personnel transport, anti-tank, command and control, mortar, ambulance, reconnaissance, recovery