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Australia declared Initial Operating Capability (IOC) status for the LAND 121 Phase 3B program after more than 2,500 Rheinmetall MAN high mobility logistics vehicles have been delivered and proven their capabilities during Exercise Talisman Sabre in 2019.

The Land 121 Phase 3B contract commenced in April 2016 with a four year program focused on the delivery of a fleet of 2,536 vehicles in multiple configurations to form the logistics backbone of the Australian Defence Force. Deliveries to Australian Army facilities around Australia are expected to be completed by April 2020 under the Land 121 Phase 3B program schedule.

Following variants are included in this contract:

  • Heavy Integrated Load Handling (HX-77)
  • Heavy Tipper (HX-77)
  • Medium Tipper (40-M)
  • Tractor (HX-81)
  • Heavy Recovery (45M)
  • Medium-weight Tray with Crane (40M)
  • Medium-weight Tray (40M)

Dorothee Frank