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With the rollout of the last of 1,587 logistic trucks for the Canadian Armed Forces, Mack Defense has delivered its share of the Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS).

In 2015, Mack Defense had been commissioned to supply more than 1,500 logistic 8×8 trucks in Standard Military Pattern (SMP) for around €500 million. The required variants include cargo, material handling cranes, load handling systems (LHS) and mobile repair trucks (MRT) together with 318 trailers and 161 armoured protection systems (APS). The contract also includes an agreement on operational support during the first five years.

The Canadian Armed Forces’ MSVS program has been running since 2009 and in its initial phases focused on the procurement of military trucks off-the-shelf (MilCOTS) and shelters with different equipment. Phase 4, which came to an end with the delivery of the 1,587th truck, is followed by the final phase of infrastructure adaptation. The end of the programme is scheduled for 2021.

Gerhard Heiming