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The German Navy will receive 22 Geckos. These powerful and flexible boats will be used for rescue and transportation. They can be adapted according to the role. If, for example, more space is required for transporting materials, six of the eight seats can be removed or flexibly installed due to a rail system. Another twelve Geckos for the K 130 corvette are also under contract.

Users of the boats are seagoing units and training organisation. The equipment with same boats for all users reduces the current variety of products considerably and saves costs for procurement, supply and logistics in the future. The standardization has two further advantages: on the one hand, fewer trials and tests of different units or new boats will have to be carried out in future. On the other hand, the training effort is reduced, since the personnel on different units of the German Navy will be able to operate the with same equipment.

Parallel to the new boats, their launching gear (ASV) on the class 404 support ships has also been redesigned in an independent project.

The new ASV will initially be installed on the ELBE support ship, which is due to leave the shipyard in spring. The other five 404s will be fitted with it in the coming shipyard lay days. In order to benefit from the advantages of reducing the variety of products, this system will also be installed on the class 130 corvettes 2nd batch.

Gerhard Heiming