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According to the sources in Belgrad and Moscow Serbia received the first two Pantsir-S1 vehicles as a part of the Russian-Serbian contract on one battery (six units) of this most advanced Russian SHORADs.

The vehicles were delivered by the Russian An-124 Ruslan airplane. It looks like the vehicles came from the stock as the contract itself was signed recently and was announced on January, 2020.

Photos: Yury Laskin

Pantsir-S1 is among the Russian best-selling products being delivered to a number of Russian alloys and friendly nations including Belarus, India, Venezuela, Ethiopia and several Middle East nations. In fact, the system was developed on request of United Arab Emirates by the Tula-based Shipunov KBP Design Bureau, now a part of High-Precision Weapons Holding.

It has been successfully tested in combat missions in Syria being at service with both Syrian Army and the Russian expedition corp as a part of the Khmeimeem air base and Tartuss naval base complex air defence.

Pantsir-S1 is titled as air-defence missile-gun system with a combined missile and gun armament that allows to create an entire engagement zone of up to 20 km in range and up to 15 km in altitude. The vehicles mounted system can employ an automatic operation with a capability to fire on the move and from short stops. Each vehicle can work independently or under joint command. It enjoys a short reaction time of 4-6 sec with tracking of up to 40 targets simultaneously. It employs a search radar and high-precision target designation  by multi-channel tracking radar and optronic system operating in decimetric, millimetric and infrared wavebands. The vehicle is able to fire simultaneously against four targets within a sector of ± 45 ° in azimuth and elevation.

Serbia was severely bombed in March-June 1999 by the NATO combat aircraft and seems to look forward to extend its air defense capability to be independent from the West.

In October, 2019 during the Slavonic Shield joint Russian-Serbian exercises the Republic Serbia President Alexander Vucic stressed his interest to obtain the Russian long-range ADS Triumph as well.

Yury Laskin