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L3Harris Technologies announced delivery of the 3,000th STORMSLX precision rangefinder to the U.S. Army. The Small Tactical Optical Rifle-Mounted laser rangefinder system with extended performance over its predecessor the STORM-PI is one of the smallest U.S. Army qualified weapon-mounted laser rangefinder available to the dismounted soldier. It is part of the L3Harris STORM family of precision targeting systems. At the moment the STORM family continues to be the only U.S. Army qualified laser rangefinders available for the dismounted soldier.

“Our STORM portfolio has supported the U.S. Army for more than 15 years, enabling the dismounted soldier to locate and engage targets with much greater accuracy, significantly improving overall mission effectiveness,” said Lynn Bollengier, President, Integrated Vision Solutions, L3Harris.

The STORM 2 rangefinder will provide soldiers with enhanced performance at extended ranges during field maneuvers, surveillance and engagement, while enabling them to remain undetected during dismounted and vehicle-mounted missions. L3Harris received a seven-year, $215 million contract from the U.S. Army for STORM 2 in 2019.

Julian Hoffmann