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David Saw

Unnoticed by many and often uncredited, the French Army is in the midst of a major effort to enhance its operational capabilities through the acquisition of new equipment.

In parallel with this it is working to upgrade the capabilities of its existing equipment, as well as investing in spare parts and maintenance to increase the operational availability of legacy systems.

For the senior leadership of the French Army much has changed during their time in the military.

In 1990, the French Army was a Cold War army, with its primary mission being the protection of the French territory and Western Europe and its most likely threat being a Soviet or Warsaw Pact aggression into the then West Germany.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the end of the Warsaw Pact and German reunification that threat was removed from the board.

Inevitably the French Army would have to change.

For a full analysis of the French Army’s future direction, follow this link to ESD 4/2020: